Essay about How Far Will Bad Nutrition Go?

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One major problem in the United States is the priority nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website found that “Children ages 6 to 11 saw 10% fewer TV advertisements for fast food, but children and teens continued to see three to five fast food ads on TV every day;” (“Fast Food Companies”). The advertisements are directed towards teens because they have resources to go and consume cheap food; most teens can drive and have a job making it easier to travel. When students see fast food advertisements all around them every day, they are tempted to go out and buy food because it is cool and they want to be accepted. This is one of the leading causes in the United States for the obesity epidemic, because people do not care about eating healthy when something cheaper and faster is more available. Due to many commercials and advertisements going around in the media, fast food has left 16 percent of children ages between 6-11 overweight and 14.3 percent at risk of becoming overweight (Onge). Another reason that advertisements target teens is because many fast food restaurants are on high school campuses. Studies have found that meal combinations at restaurants meet less one percent of the daily nutrition recommended by experts (“Fast Food Companies”). Most teens would be angry if they found that the fast food restaurants were being removed from their campus, but it would help those live better healthier and longer lives. Although fast food restaurants on a high school campus are cheap and convenient, switching to healthier options in the cafeteria will benefit the students because nutrition is linked to better academics and a healthier life
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