Essay about How Eating Disorders Begin and What They Leave Behind

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Have you ever vomited and experienced the sting of acid on the back of your throat, missed a meal and felt your stomach grumble, or even eaten too much and felt bloated? These are some of the agonies that eating disorder sufferers endure every day. Eating disorders are psychological disorders in which the mind causes a disturbance from an established eating pattern. This paper is aimed to educate the reader about how eating disorders begin and what their consequences are. Although there are plenty different types of eating disorders, the main ones that will be focused on in this paper are: anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Eating disorders are tremendously serious health conditions and without proper knowledge and help, they can quickly spin out of control.
Informing yourself about the varying types of eating disorders is essential if you wish to understand the causes and effects of them. Anorexia nervosa is characterized by a limited intake of food, starving oneself, and even exercising profusely to rid one’s body of what they consider to be extra calories. Fear of gaining weight or becoming overweight is ordinarily seen in those with anorexia and bulimia. A person with bulimia nervosa typically eats a substantial amount of food in a particularly short amount of time and then disposes of it. Standard ways for bulimics to eliminate food are vomiting and ingesting laxative pills. Binge eating is extremely similar to bulimia, except with binge eating, the food is not eradicated. Customarily, binge eaters have episodes where they stuff themselves full of food to the point of being uncomfortably full, as they cannot seem to control their intake of food.
Causes of eating disorders are varied and depend on the person and disorder. T...

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