How Chinua Achebe Included the Origins of the Ibo and their Struggle with Religion in Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart was a fantastic book. It was educational as well as entertaining. The author, Chinua Achebe did a great job of describing the complex society and culture of the Ibo tribe. Being that Achebe’s roots originate from the Ibo, he shares accurate history and traditions that help shape the book and its perspective on how the European invasions greatly affected pre-colonial Africa.
Throughout the book, the reader will learn that the Ibo had important religious beliefs, an economic system, and social organization. This would lead one to believe that the Ibo were not as primitive as the Europeans thought they were.
Religion seemed to already be important to the Ibo before the Europeans introduced Christianity. Their religious beliefs were basically involved in everything that sustained the society including how they governed, farming techniques, decision making regarding important issues such as war, and how they communicated with other people. Although the name of the religion the Ibo practiced was not mentioned, its beliefs seemed to be fairly similar to Christian belie...

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