The Historical View of Privatization and Nationalization in America Essay

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In the previous years ago, the word privatization was not well-known same as today. Conversely, word nationalization was popular at that time because of the government at that time owned all of the important enterprises such as infrastructure businesses while private sector owned in the diminutive enterprise which not important about the lifestyle of the people that illustrated the government had more bargaining power than private sector. Almost people knew nationalization but did not know about privatization. They had negative view point in privatization and thought the private sector could not develop the services or products like the government. Until 1969 Peter F. Drucker is the first person who wrote about privatization in the book and the book had name ‘The age of discontinuity’ but at that time, he used word re-privatization which same meaning privatization. He presented his idea in the different ways to change the social theories. Under re-privatization the government would become the central social institution. The meaning is the government own business but increase function of the private more than before or sale at least fifty percentage of the shares to private sector (Drucker, 1969). So the purpose of privatization is changing the business to the better ways for reduce the problem of the government, bring more benefit to the people in their countries and be received services in the reasonable price.
Privatization has many levels to develop organization or enterprise. For example, contracting out, employing the private sector to manage specific activity that does not complicate or employing private sector to manage contract by the government monitor services. Lease out, the government give right to private sector for ...

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...e market had become more competitive many routes are already liberalized. So BA was privatized in the same year for competition with other airlines (Martin and Parker, 1997).
In conclusion, privatization is a major policy in many developed and developing countries. One of the main purposes of privatization is to improve efficiency, in term of achieving higher productivity, lower cost production and higher profitability. Due to in the globalization has higher competition for raise the market share and brings the business to the top of the market. Orientation for survival of the nationalization business is important. So privatization is the answer to the nationalization in this time but the decision will depend on many reasons such as the suitable of the business, timing to privatization, impacts after privatization, level to develop, the benefit after privatization.

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