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Question 1
Based on the information you have read in the text and any experiences you have had as a teacher, what do you think are the issues gifted students face as they go through school?

Based from the information provided by VanTassel-Baska, et. Al. (2009), gifted and talented students face the same issues as their regular peers but they have different way of viewing these issues and it affects them differently as well. The book discussed different issues that gifted learners face and recommendations on how to address these issues were also available for teachers, administrators and other school personnel. Also, Carol Strip Whitney (2011) in her book entitle Helping Gifted Learners Soar discussed stress as a factor that can distract and overpower anyone including gifted learners and for the gifted learners, there are many reasons and causes of stress. In this reflection, I will focus on two causes of stress, which are gifted learners as social capital and issues related to race and achievement.
In Chapter 4, the authors focused on gufted learners as social capital. As I read the book, I realized that we look at these gifted learners as commodities and individuals who will “drive the economy and become a highly valued professional assets of the country.” The gifted learners at an early age do not realize that they are already branded as “social capitals.” At an early age, the society is already honing and preparing the gifted learners to become the future leaders in different fields. Whether they are aware or not, the society is already putting pressure to the gifted learners on what they can become and contribute to the common good later in life. Thus, the pressure to excel in everything that the gifted learners do is on. B...

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...lar Needs of Gifted African American
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VanTassel-Baska, J.L., Cross, T. L. & Olenchak, F. R. (Eds.). (2009). Social-Emotional
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Kwan, K. K. & Hilson, W. J. Jr. (2009). Counseling Gifted Students from Non-White
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