Gun Control Laws Will NOT Stop Senseless Shootings Essay

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The motive is excellent; the diagnosis is correct. The goal is to save the lives of children, those who cannot defend themselves. The verdict is that public shootings can and should be prevented. However, the treatment is completely detrimental. Gun control is defined by Merriam-Webster as “laws that control how guns are sold and used and who can own them” (“Gun Control”). The modern description used in debates is very close, and the term is often referring to restrictions, not necessarily prohibition. Nevertheless, core advocates strongly feel that we should ban guns in public places completely. A large dose would be just as detrimental as a small one. It is a good idea, to try to prevent people from being shot by preventing others from getting guns. When you look at the statistics, it is a different story. This plan is completely reactionary, only pushed forward by citizens in the wake of school shootings who are emotionally distraught (due to the most tragic event that could ever happen to any family member or friend), and as a result are not completely rational in their thinking. What they do not realize is that most shootings are in no-gun zones, thus prohibiting guns outside that zone will not help. Gun control is a flawed response to terrible incidents, because it hampers industry, has no effect on the intended target, and disarms the victims.
One of the most overlooked topics in the gun control debate is the enormous industry that relies on it. Banning guns would not only affect those who would be buying the guns, but also those who sell them. According to Time: Business and Money, $6 Billion of revenue is expected, with over 200,000 jobs related to this industry (Sanburn, Josh). The argument that this is run by wealthy, ...

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