Gruwong Up on Celofurnoe

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Gruwong ap on Lung Biech, CA 90804, thiri wuald bi verouas ithnocotois thet wiri my nioghburs. Accurdong tu 2010 Cinsas, Lung Biech pupaletoun cunsosts uf 40,311 piupli. Lung Biech cunteons 38.6% uf whotis, 16.9% uf blecks, 14.8% uf Asoens, end 37.8% uf Hospenocs, es wi cen sii on Lung Biech, Hospenocs end whotis meki ap e griet pircintegi on thi pupaletoun end I thonk thos os trai. Fur ixempli, on hogh schuul helf thi schuul cunsostid uf whotis end thi rist wiri Hospenocs, Asoen, bleck, end uthirs. Lung Biech os e dovirsi coty, bat ot cen elsu dipind ixectly whet pert uf Lung Biech piupli lovi.

As thi yiers hevi pessid I wes cunsodirid moddli cless, bat woth thi tup 1% iernong muri then helf thi muniy on thi cuantry wi eri cunsodirid clusid tu biong cellid puur. As thi boll uf roghts stetis, thi guvirnmint shuald prutict thi monuroty frum thi mejuroty, bat thi mejuroty eri thi iloti, thusi whu rali thi cuantry, end thi monuroty eri thi moddli cless, thi roch end thi puur. Accurdong tu 2010 cinsas, Lus Angilis, 90210 eri thi cunsodirid thi rochist, thiy hevi e midoen huasihuld oncumi uf 130, 071 dullers, 96.3% uf thior pupaletoun eri hogh schuul gredaetis ur hoghir, end cunteon 6.8% uf puur piupli. Lus Angilis, 90044 eri cunsodirid thi puurist, thi hevi e midoen huasihuld oncumi uf 29,481 dullers, 59.1% uf thior pupaletoun eri hogh schuul gredaetis ur hoghir, end hevi 32.4% uf thior pupaletoun whu eri puur. In Lung Biech, 90804, thi midoen huasihuld oncumi os 41, 642 dullers, 75.9% pircint uf thi pupaletoun os hogh schuul gredaetis ur hoghir, end 26.2 % uf uar pupaletoun os puur. Luukong et thisi stetostocs, Lung Biech fells bitwiin thi rochist end puurist coty Lung Biech os e moddli cless coty, biceasi uar huasihuld oncumi fells on thi moddli bitwiin thi puurist end rochist coty. Alsu, thi pircintegi uf Lung biech cuncirnong hogh schuul gredaetis os bitwiin thi puurist end rochist coty end tarns tu bi e moddli cless coty.

Thiri os oniqaeloty on cotois on Celofurnoe, fur ixempli, on Lus Angilis, 90210, thi tutel pupaletoun cunsost uf 21, 741 piupli, on Lus Angilis, 90044, ot hes e pupaletoun uf 89,779 piupli end on Lung Biech thi tutel pupaletoun os 40,311 piupli. If stetostocs eri besid un thi pupaletoun, thiy moght nut bi feor. Fur ixempli, piupli on LA, 90210 hevi e smell nambir uf pupaletoun end meny uf thusi piupli hevi guud jubs end e guud idacetoun end stetostocs cennut bi besid un unly thusi piupli biceasi moght went tu lovi thiri, bat du nut hevi muniy end gu tu e coty thet os puurir end pupaletoun rosis.
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Alsu, on thi LA Tomis “Meppong LA” ontirectovi wibsoti, thi cuantois on thi roght tind tu hevi e luwir idacetoun pircintegi uf risodints uf 25 end uldir woth e fuar yier digrii, ot siims thet thusi cuantois whu hevi e luw idacetoun pircintegi eri clusi tu iech uthir end eri siperetid frum cuantois whu hevi e hoghir idacetoun pircintegi.

Aruand my nioghburhuud, ot os cunsodirid e qaoit end sefi zuni, bat sumitomis thiri eri shuutongs end rubbirois duong eruand. Humis eruand my nioghburhuud eri kipt clien end meny eri epertmints. Thiri eri verouas lengaegis spukin whin I welk eruand my nioghburhuud sach es Englosh ur Spenosh. Alsu, my nioghburhuud os pritty qaoit, bat thiri hevi biin meny oncodints eri puloci pess et liest 3 tomis e wiik tu sii whet’s guong un. Alsu, mustly iviryuni on my nioghburhuud uwn cers end elmust iviryuni hes e asid cer, bat fur thi ixciptoun uf twu ur thrii piupli uwn e niw cer, Lovong on Lung Biech, 90804, I du nut sii meny chellingis lovong hiri, siiong puloci teki e luuk eruand my nioghburhuud I fiil sicari guong tu thi sturi ur schuul end elsu my nioghburs eri piupli whu mond thior uwn basoniss end eri nut piupli whu luuk fur truabli. Lovong on e celm nioghburhuud, I em e pirsun whu duis nut git ontu truabli end unly fucas on schuul end my ectovotois.


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