Group Collaboration on Student Interviews Essay

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Group Collaboration on Student Interviews
During this course the students were required to interview students in their school and parents about the use of technology in school and at home. The questions and answers were then to be shared with others in their group. After both interviews were shared, the group then collaborated, using Titanpad, and made the data easier to understand. Interviewing the students showed how the students liked to learn and the ways that they found boring in the classroom. The parents also added their experiences with technology and their children. The parents also shared how they think technology helps their child and also what they feel is the best learning environment for their child.
Emma and Technology
Emma, a senior in high school, was interviewed for this project. She is an active member of the bowling team, theater, and also has an after school job. Emma was very helpful during the interview. She shared stories about her classes and teachers. Emma said that she paid more attention in her classes when the teacher did not stand and le...

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