The Great Wall of Censorship in the People's Republic of China Essay

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The People's Republic of China has commonly been regarded as a nation that has censored its media very heavily and has enforced this harshly. China is the largest country in the world, and also has the one of the fastest expanding media. Additionally, China has been enjoying explosive pecuniary expansion for the better part of the last few decades and as a consequence, the living standards of most Chinese citizens has increased drastically in modern times due to growing wealth of the general population. In the past, the country had suffered through many struggles in its endeavor to global superpower status, resulting in incredible
losses of human life and miserable conditions of living. In contrast with before, the Chinese of recent times now find that they do not have to worry about obtaining the necessities of life anymore and that they can now begin to afford luxuries previously thought unattainable.
Thus, an increasing number people began to explore into the media, and as more people became interested in it, more media was produced, and thus a vicious cycle was born.
The Chinese government began to censor the media, especially the Internet, as a response to the exponentially rising level of people with access to the media. The government, which has been under rule of the Communist Party of China for well over 50 years, began to fear that all the exposure that the people now had to the outside world would result in the gradual erosion of Chinese culture and traditions. Even worse for the Communist Party is that their flaws, which had been hidden from the few wealthy citizens in the past with media access by successful government propaganda, might be exposed due to all of the media coverage now. This would be disastrous ...

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