The Generational Americanization of Immigrants Essay

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Each group and community that migrates to America always faces numerous problems and conflicts. For instance, the idea of intergenerational conflicts which is referring to as Americanization is a conflict that arises among the Somali community in Minnesota. The controversies surrounds whether or not the child should follow his/her parent's traditions or go along with American culture. This is a conflict between a parent of old-world and the child of new world. The older generation has different views and expectations than their decedents of the new generation. The old generation is very strict to adhere to their culture and expect their children to maintain their culture. In western world, children are thought to be independent and make their own judgments. However, parents from older generation want to involve the lives of their children in every aspect. As a result, conflict arises between both groups, where the young generation tends not to give a weigh or less attention to their culture and want to become part of American culture.

Some immigrant children often try not to...

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