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Film Making
Film production phases
Film production is the process of making a film starting from the story or idea through scriptwriting, shooting to the distribution of the movie to the audience. There are four main phases involved in film making.
Development phase
In the development phase, the film is written from the story (Cones, p. 195). The story may come from a book, a play, another film or an original idea developed by the film producer. During the development of the film, the film producer works in corroboration with the film writers to develop the film message and a theme of the message. They then prepare a synopsis of the film. The film producer and the writers then prepare a step outline of the film that break the whole film into scenes that focus on the dramatic structure of the scenes (Cones, p. 195). They later prepare a concrete description of the film story including its characters and the mood of the film. A screenplay is then written which is presented to the investors, studios, and all other interested parties for assessment. A film pitch is then prepared and that is presented to the financiers. If the pitch becomes successful, the film gets financial backing after which it proceeds to the pre-production phase.
Pre-production phase
The steps of making the actual film are outlined in this phase that includes drawing up the required budget (Stein and Bingham, p.29). The film production company is created in this phase as well as hiring the crew that shall be used in the film production (Stein and Bingham, 2009).

Production phase
In the production phase, the creation and shooting of the movie takes place. Some activities involved in the production phase include film direction, camera operation, lightin...

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