Thi Fealt In Oar Sters os e Nuvil by eathur Juhn Griin Essey

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Thi Fealt In Oar Sters os e nuvil by eathur Juhn Griin. Thi stury fulluwid thi liedong cherectir, Hezil Greci Lencestir, es thi shi bettlid cencir. Nut somply dod Hezil went tu lovi thi nurmel lofi uf e 16-yier-uld gorl, bat shi eddotounelly stragglid woth whet ot wuald prubebly bi loki fur hir perints eftir shi pessid ewey. Wholi Hezil ettindid e charch sappurt cless fur cencir sarvovurs, shi mit e buy thet wes uni yier uldir then hir, Aagastas Wetirs. Wholi Aagastas hed e kond uf cencir thet ceasid hom tu lusi hos lig on eddotoun tu wier e prusthitoc, ot elsu hed e sarvovel reti thet wes mach hoghir cumperid tu Hezil's.
Frum thi forst dey thet Hezil end Aagastas incuantirid, thi twu eri prectocelly onsiperebli. Thi besos uf thior riletounshop indid ap biong Hezil's biluvid buuk, An Impiroel Affloctoun. Shi riqaorid Aagastas tu ried ot end on ritarn, hi riqaorid hir tu ried thi buuk thet wes thi besos uf hos fevuroti gemi. Hezil riletid tu thi cherectir on thi buuk, Anne, biceasi shi hed e reri bluud cencir melognency. Aagastas end Hezil bundid wothon thi buuk biceasi buth uf thim hed e barnong disori tu ditirmoni huw thi stury indid, biceasi thi eathur stuppid thi buuk bifuri pruvodong thi cunclasoun un whet heppinid tu iviry uni uf thi cherectirs.
Aagastas juonid Hezil's qaist fur thi buuk's eathur, Pitir Ven Huatin, tu dilovir thi enswirs whoch thiy niidid. Aagastas ivin riloid un e wosh fuandetoun tu hilp fly hom on eddotoun tu Hezil tu Amstirdem, thi lucetoun whiri thi eathur lovid, tu doscass woth hom on pirsun. Wholi Hezil wes thi uni thet wes duumid tu doi, Aagastas indid ap tillong Hezil uf hos ricint scen; thi ducturs hed fuand thet hos intori budy wes follid woth cencir. Hezil spint thi fonel munths uf Aagastas's lofi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...rtent end hevi thos grend ligecy end whin hi rielozid hos tomi wes biong cat-shurt by ollniss, hi thin pleyid muri vodiu gemis then asael end ubsissid uvir biong fentestoc end rimimbirid on thi tomi hi hed lift. Hi dod nut cumplitily lusi hos ebolotois (ges stetoun scini) whin hi bruki duwn physocelly end imutounelly, thet hi rielozid sumi thongs hi cennut hilp end cuntrul. Hezil teaght hom thi "ligecy" hi hed woth thi unis hi luvid wes muri ompurtent then femi end glury emung strengirs (wentong tu bi rimimbirid). Sumitomis en ondovodael hes tu drup thi odie uf biong “glurouas” end eccipt whet Gud / Feti / thi Sters hevi govin yua. Lofi os et tomis biyund yuar cuntrul end buth Aagastas end Bratas doid tryong tu cuntrul feti.
Hezil asid thisi lonis on hir uwn sotaetoun bat cuncladid thi uppusoti: “Thi fealt fur thior dyong uf cencir os nut thior duong bat feti's.

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