Exploring How I Would Make High School and College A Better Place

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Every day teenagers are asked many questions about school when coming across adults who are wild about school and college. The most popular question asked to us is “Do you like your school?” and the answer is normally “no.” However, no well thought out explanation about why we do not like our school is ever said. I attend Frederick K.C. Price the 3rdhigh, a college preparatory school. I have been there for all four years of high school and I do not always like what I see. Within the four years that I have been there, we have went through two principals and we have still yet to find one that can run our school correctly. Due to this, I often ask myself three questions. They are as follows: 1) if I were principal for a day, how would I create a business and social relationship with my students so that I am able to hear their thoughts and suggestions about any changes they feel should be made within the school? 2) What would I do in order to keep the students interested in school? , and most importantly 3) what changes would I implement in order to ensure that all students have the opportunity to go to college?
First I would introduce myself to the students. I would give them some background information about my life, and where I came from. I would then allow each student to introduce themselves and give a bit of background information about who they are, and what interests them. Next, I would have a question and suggestion session. Here they would be able to ask any questions that they have concerning school, or mention any ideas and suggestions they have about the school. This would allow me to get to know the students on a personal level. Now you may ask yourself why she feels that having a relationship with the students is one of high altitude. I believe that building a level of comfort between the students and me would create a peaceful atmosphere. I think the students should feel like we are a team. They should not ever feel like they are under a “dictatorship” because once a teenager feels that they have no power or rule when it comes to their education they will rebel. This is why it is important to have a relationship with the students.
Secondly, I would make sure that I have teachers in place who are able to teach.

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This means that they are able to impart knowledge to somebody and give lessons in subjects. However, I would not just find some person off the street because my students deserve the best. I would look for teachers who can teach their subjects well and cater to the different learning styles of my students; Visual, auditory and kinesthetic. I would do this by giving the visual learners picture work, board work, and etcetera. For the auditory learners I would set up a college lecture environment so that the students and could all be able to hear what the teacher is asking. I would also set up laboratory assignment on the computer. For the kinesthetic learners I would find learning activities that require a lot of movement. This would keep my students interested in the classrooms and subjects of which they are being taught.
Lastly, I would have counselors available to the students throughout all hours of the day while also making sure that my students are taking the A-G requirements for college; 2 years of history, 4 years of English, 3 years of math, 2 years of laboratory science, 2 years of foreign language, 1 year of performing or visual arts, and 1 year of college preparatory electives. These are all of the things that I would do to guarantee that my students are college cultured all have the opportunity to go to colleges of there choice. I know that this would not be an easy task but with organization, help, and faith anything is possible.
~ If I were principal for a day. ~

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