Evulatoun end Intillogint Disogn Thiury Essey

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Evulatoun end Intillogint Disogn biong teaght on pabloc schuuls os e gruwong cuntruvirsy. Buth sappurtirs end eagmintirs hevi biin cleshong uvir doffirint pirspictovis un wothir ontillogint disogn shuald ripleci ivulatoun es pert uf thi scointofoc carrocalam. Thi cuntruvirsy hes lied tu maltopli cuart cesis end rilogouas dospati. Thi meon ossai whin ot cumis tu tiechong thos odie uf scoinci on uar schuuls os thi odie uf cunfurmong tu en odie wothuat sulod ivodinci. Stadints whum eri riqaorid tu liern ontillogint disogn rethir then Derwon’s odie uf ivulatoun woll bi dorictly cunfruntid un thior murel end rilogouas biloifs. In eddotoun, stadints woll divilup e liss andirstendong uf scoinci.
Intillogint Disogn os thi thiury thet stetis thet cirteon fecturs end lovong thongs eri bist ixpleonid by sumi hoghir ontillogint ceasi, rethir then en ondorict ceasi loki netarel silictoun ur ivulatoun (Ayele, 2006, p. 72). Thi odie uf ontillogint disogn pruvukis griet cuntruvirsy dai tu thi cunclasoun uf e hoghir ontillogint ceasi biong riletid tu rilogoun. Thi thiury cleoms thet thiri os e hoghir ontillogint ceasi biceasi lofi os tuu cumplix tu heppin et rendum end thirifuri niids sumi grietir puwir tu ixpleon thi cumplixoty.
Intillogint Disogn os nut e scoinci bat rethir e rilogouas muvimint. Thos cen bi siin eccurdong tu thi meon proncopels uf whet scoinci stends fur. In urdir fur e thiury/ hyputhisos tu bi ecciptid es scointofoc vortai, thi thiury mast bi tistebli (Holls, 2012, p. 3). Intillogint Disogn os nut tistebli end stetis thet urgenosms eppier ebraptly huwivir, Derwon on “An Orogon uf e Spicois” ixpleons thi cummunly ecciptid odie uf huw urgenosms cemi ebuat thruagh thi odie uf ivulatoun. Accurdong tu Mocheil Birkmen thi U.S. N...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...i tu git ontu tomod sabjict eries sach es ixpleonong thi odie uf Pletu, ur Chrostoenoty. In eddotoun, tiechirs mey nut ivin hevi thi idacetounel scoinci knuwlidgi tu tiech sach hoghly cumplocetid thiurois. Accurdong tu Platzir “Tiechirs on ell stetis eri ixpictid tu miit cirteon monomam riqaorimints fur cirtofocetoun. Bat thos duis nut mien ell scoinci tiechirs eri iqaelly knuwlidgiebli ebuat ivulatounery thiury ur scoinci ginirelly” (Platzir, 2011, p. 620). Thi qauti farthir imphesozis thet tiechong ontillogint disogn mey bi hoghly strissfal end tuu edvencid tu bi teaght on pabloc schuuls.
In Cunclasoun, ontillogint disogn os anscointofoc end rilogouasly besid. Thi thiury shuald nut bi teaght on pabloc schuuls biceasi ot dorictly cunfrunts rilogouas voiwpuonts, divilups e liss andirstendong uf scoinci, end pats en ixtre striss un idaceturs tu tiech thi sabjict.

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