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Time is always changing, from a second, to a minute, to an hour, to a day, it’s ever changing. Although people don’t change overnight, over the course of a decade, change is imminent whether tremendously or insignificantly. New technology is developed, people grow older and more knowledgeable with each passing day, and societal values can change drastically or very minimally overtime. The industry of advertisement has changed with society in order to properly market to certain audiences. The advertisements played on children’s networks have changed overtime to compensate for change in both the children’s industry as well as the industry of the parents of those children.
During my childhood in the late 90’s throughout the 2000’s, my favorite television shows were usually aired on Cartoon network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. I watched Spongebob Square Pants, The Rugrats, Rocketpower, Cat Dog, Hey Arnold!, and many more from those channels. The commercials associated with these shows were often marketed to children and their parents. This can also be seen in today’s advertisements however with the change of family values overtime, the advertisements have also changed.
In the fast food industry, McDonald’s is usually the top marketer. It is one of the top fast food restaurant commercials played on all television networks with society as a whole as heir targeted audience. Imelda Michalczyk states in her article, “David Kisilevsky, account director at Leo Burnett, says the need to stay relevant to the family is paramount. The agency’s work for McDonald’s in the past couple of years has included ads with more social realism, rather than actors playing happy families.” which portrays McDonald’s participation in keeping up with societ...

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...try, the fast food industry, toy industry and the cereal industries are just a few who market their products to children through the commercials played in between children’s television programs. Timing is everything and it is very valuable in many aspects of our societies’ over stimulated, consumerism concentration.

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