Etihad Airlines Marketing Strategy Essay

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Fifield (2007) notes that whereas the department of sales in an organization is about ensuring the customers actually buys whatever the organization is making, the aim of the marketing department is to make whatever the customer wants to buy. Even though marketing is usually just perceived by a lay man to revolve around advertising of a commodity that a particular organization is making, the concept of marketing is actually a lot deeper. And given the complex and competitive world that is now being evolved, it is very important for the organizations to best cater to the needs of the customers and then again to attract as many customers towards them as possible. One significant solution to this then is to develop a strategic marketing plan.
Strategy has been defined by Proctor (2000) as the process through which an organization develops and plans its goals and then achieves it. This means that a strategy includes both planning and implementing. Going further into the paper then, another important element of strategy, evaluating will be studied. The successful implementation of the marketing mix leads to satisfaction of customer wants and needs and increases the likelihood of achieving an organization’s objective in the market place. In recent years, relationship marketing has come to the fore as strategic alliances and networks involving firms working together towards shared goals has become more fashionable (Proctor, 2000). The aim of this entire process employed by a business organization then is to be able to gain competitive advantage in the market place. In the real, practical world, a business organization is usually set up with a profit and an ongoing motive. No business organization wants to just serve to ...

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Data Used for Textual Analysis

Orphan Girl - October 24, 2007

Rahma Campaign #2 – November 12, 2008

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