Ethical Concerns About Capital Punishment in the United States and

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Capital punishment does not automatically imply justice. I do not understand the benefit derived from the implementation of capital punishment in the U.S.A. More often than not, what is considered effective is a matter of human versus error (errors are inevitable and human are unpredictable). I defensively disagree on the claim that it should be put into effect on convicted murderer. It’s an obvious fact that capital punishment has done more harm than good to the society and human existence. Let’s face it; crimes are at the highest peak in the U.S.A more than ever. In spite of the laws governing the crimes in the U.S.A., the manifestation of crimes is still growing at an alarming rate (the more intense the laws get, the more crimes increase). Consequently, this rapid growth of crimes has led to the waste of more human lives via capital punishment. Humans are executed with huge potentials inside them and society is losing its tendencies to grow economically. From ethical point of view, the issue of capital punishment has generated a lot of controversies as to the role of government in the whole set up. I strongly believe that the involvement of government in the enforcement of capital punishment and other criminal related laws needs to be checked. Government politicizes criminal cases and shows a lot of biases, errors and injustice in passing judgment. Government tends to base judgment on race, social class or perhaps the most common reason for its deed-“financial strength”. The more financially strong you are the better chance you have in getting an attorney that will prove your case right even if the proof is fabricated. Furthermore, the implementation of capital punishment gives no room for second change. No matter how inevitably errors are, they can be corrected and eradicated. Also, unpredictable nature of human that leads him to commit murder can be unpredictably make him realized the gravity of his offence and possibly change his mind-set.

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Nevertheless, they should be confirmed to the prison for mentality readjustment. In conclusion, there shouldn’t be any reason for capital punishment at all. There are some very humane approaches to access crimes without killing criminals. Convicted murderer can be kept in the prison for a period of time for their corrupt mentalities to turn normal. During the span of their imprisonment, the prisoners can discover their potentials and even become a great asset to the society.

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