Essay on Equality in Public School Systems

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Last year, my sister was a high school student tutor. She watched as the teacher tried so hard to help the students learn and understand the material. Students are able to do a good job if they actually put effort into their work, especially with the resources that the teacher provides. However, some slacked off, complained and didn’t apply themselves. At the end of the day, when the teacher does their job, it is up to the students on what to do with that information but most of the time many students don’t take advantage of the opportunities provided to get the most of their education or realize just how important it is. On the other hand, there are those students who take higher level classes and are involved in several other activities. Those students are driven to succeed not only for their parents but for themselves. The students, who are in the same classes and taught the same material initially, end up going in new directions in the future based on their own motivation whether that is to reach academic and career goals or to just get out of school barely passing. Although some believe that public school systems hold back boys from achieving academic success, public schools are just an opportunity for every child to receive an education. Every person is given an equal chance of success based on their level of motivation, various options of different careers to choose from and because a number of courses are offered to select from based on one’s interest, it is up to students to responsibly use the knowledge they gather from their education and apply it for their success.
Every individual has a fair chance of attaining success throughout their school years; however, how much they obtain from their educati...

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...s or not, therefore, the only thing that would hold back boys from achieving academic success is themselves. Despite people believing that public schools hinder male academic success, public school systems’ main priority is to educate a student, whether female or male. What the student decides to take out of their education is entirely up to them and they are held accountable to take that information and apply it for their academic success.

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