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The Greeks seemed to believe that entertainment was meant to provide a person with an outlet to relieve stress. Such an assumption would lead one to believe that the form and content of entertainment is a matter of personal choice. However, entertainment has the underlying current of influencing what is normal and acceptable in society. Furthermore, culture is affected to the point of unsavory entertainment permeating the lives of those who avoid such forms of entertainment. Entertainment is not merely a personal choice. Entertainment is an instrument of influence on society.
Young girls experience stardom and are forever changed by the experience. Sometimes the change leads them in a positive direction and other times it leads them in an opposing negative direction. In Hit Her, Baby, One More Time, Traiste states “Britney Spears embodies the disdain in which the culture holds its young women: the desire to sexualize them while young, and to degrade and punish them as they get older” (Traiste 431). Spears embarked on her journey into entertainment as an innocent young girl. However, over time she evolved into a tainted, dim reflection of her former self. It would seem that even her parents played a role in her spiraling downfall as she struggled to remain in the limelight. Tabloids cherished the young star. However, they ripped her to pieces as her life began to plunge into an abyss. Certainly, there is a high price to be paid to when one compromises.
Spears popularity influenced the actions of young girls who may have seen her as a role model. It most likely would not have been detrimental for young girls to follow in her footsteps in her early days of success. In contrast, continuing to mimic her ac...

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...en they produce movies that depict Blacks and Asians in stereo typical roles that are demeaning. Furthermore, they affect how society views individuals and how those individuals are treated, because they shape culture with the movies they produce. People may embark into the world of media for fun and relaxation, but the reality remains that the media shapes their views and beliefs in the process. Entertainment is not just for fun. Furthermore, entertainment shapes the morals and values of people and the value placed on people.

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