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The Endless Day Essay

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As I wake up, I force open my eyes breaking through what the sandman has deposited from the night before. I must have slept with my mouth open because I can taste the stale saliva that is now in my mouth, making me desperately want a glass of water. Rolling over to the edge of my bed I started gazing lazily at my small and cluttered room. My eyes pass around my room and over the different girls in bikini posters that multiple friends have given me over the years until I reach my alarm clock, seven-thirty. My job as a professional bale piler begins at eight so I rush through my shower, wolf down my miniscule breakfast, and drive to work. During the drive to work I am mentally preparing myself for the sun, the heat and the wind of every day of piling bales. When things get tough, you just have to ride out the storm.
The sun is all ready staring me down at eight in the morning, daring me to come out into the open, waiting like a tiger to pounce on me during the afternoon.
The heat lays heavy on me like a thick blanket of snow that covers the ground in the middle of winter. Every b...

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