Essay on Employee Theft in the Workplace

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The legal definition of the word steal is the wrongful or willful taking of money or property belonging to someone else with the intent to deprive the owner of its use or benefit either temporarily or permanently. Simple stated, to steal something means to take someone’s property without permission. Theft is the act of stealing and is defined by Ivancevich, Konopake and Matteson as the unauthorized taking, consuming or transfer of money or goods owned by an organization. The purpose of this paper is to explain and discuss employee theft in the workplace. The goal is to provide information concerning the motives, methods and effects of employee theft.

Motives for Employees Theft

In an effort to discuss meaningfully, the root or underlining reason for employee heft must be understood. Why do employees choose to steal from their employers; what is the motivation behind the act of stealing? There are many reasons why employee theft occurs. The simplest and most probable motive is opportunity. This perspective can be described as the “just because I could” way of thinking. Employees, or anybody for that matter, do not always necessarily have a valid or concrete reason to steal. The mere fact that employees sees the opportunity to steal and to do so with minimal chances of being caught is enough to entice them into the committing the act.
Perhaps one of the most common and widely know reasons behind theft is financial hardship. Employees who are financially burdened are more likely to steal from their employer because there is a need involved.
“Hospital staff received an anonymous tip Monday that employees in the radiology department were stealing computers an selling them online. They hired a private investigator to buy one o...

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