Electronic Monitoring And Workplace Privacy Essay

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Electronic Monitoring and Workplace Privacy
Workplace privacy is one of the biggest issues facing businesses today. Do you feel like you are being watched all the time, all your e-mails being read, and every key stroke is being monitored by your boss? Some people feel this way and that is why privacy in the workplace is a problem with many businesses today. Employees feel like they are not being trusted, or feel the company invades on their personal privacy, or violates their fourth amendment rights. On the other hand many businesses have many federal and state laws to follow, and must keep their assets safe, and their employees. Technology makes communications of all sorts as easy as a few pushes of a button. This technology makes it easy for an employer to monitor an employee in almost any fashion, from e-mails to video surveillance. This will make it easy for an employee to abuse the technology the company lets the employee use. Employers need and have the right to monitor their employees to avoid legal liability, as a result of harassing of offensive communications, security concerns relating to intentional or accidental release of sensitive data, and for safety concerns for there employees and business assets. Employees give up their right to privacy as soon as they walk through the door.
There is an increasing trend of employees suing employers for the wrong doing of other workers. Some employees believe they should have the same privacy rights they have at home. Employers are responsible for their employees. Employers need to monitor employees to avoid legal liability as a result of harassing of offensive communications. In the case of Schwenn v. Anheuser Bush, Inc. a women printed out her e-mail messages, and used ...

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...ere should be no misunderstandings. Additionally, employees need to report any abuses of these policies, so that business and law makers can help protect everyone.

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