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Essay on Effects of Drugs

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Controversies over drugs and the effects they have physically, mentally, and emotionally have been around for centuries. Some argue the fact that smoking marijuana has no health effects on the body. Some also say that other drugs have no long term mental consequences to suffer. Now, thanks to technology and hours of studies, answers have came to show the true long term health effects of drugs on the human body and mind.
Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs in the world. It is known to many people as a way to get high and just relax. Its effects on the mind and psyche appeal to many musicians and writers because it can bring their creative thoughts to new levels of depth. It is also popular as a medicinal drug to control pain and seizures. In Jamaica, weed is a popular glaucoma drug. This drug also imposes numerous negative health effects, one of which being erectile problems and reduced sperm count. Other effects include cancer, loss of memory, and euphoric effects. Marijuana also has at least four times as many toxins and cancer causing chemical as cigarettes. Though many people see it as cool or safe, marijuana definitely has is health effects that affect the human body negatively. (Effects/
Many people that have smoked marijuana also try other drugs to get another type of high. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that effects the brain directly. This powerful drug takes effect in very small doses by making a person feel more alert or energetic. Though people may think the drug helps them perform tasks faster with fewer complications, it also carries a list of effects. Some include constricted blood vessels, dilated pupils, high temperature, high heart rate, and bizarre behavior. Some...

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...his high after he has obtained a tolerance for the tobacco. After the tolerance has been built, the user must use tobacco more often and in greater quantities if they would like to reach the same high. Though tobacco is legal, it is still just as deadly as many illegal narcotics and drugs.

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