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Religion has played a profound part in the life of those in the 15th century and still does to this day, dictating how we present ourselves and what we do on a day to day basis. Religion from the middle ages has impacted extensively on living, by introducing educational routes that have persisted until today, providing the major ceremonies celebrated and acknowledging the roles of both males and females in the church. The main religions acknowledged in medieval Europe were those of Christendom and Islāmic beliefs. Churches founded the first means of education and still contribute to its expenditure today.
In the middle Ages the Catholic Church laid the foundations for many positive ways of thinking that now influence the whole world. The Middle Ages has had an outstanding positive effect on education today. In the 15th century, Europe brought us exactly eighty universities, some of which are still standing today including Sorbonne paris , Tübingen Germany , Cambridge England and Oxford University England . These are Living proof of the high quality of education in engineering, designing, craft work and art in Middle Ages and the success of their educational infrastructure. Proof of this quality is show in the beautiful cathedrals, sculptures, painting and glass work which have survived, displaying how well subjects were taught for a time known as undeveloped. Engineering education in the middle ages contributed to many things including the complex architecture of the chapels and various religious houses where gatherings were held.
For centuries celebrations have been classified by their religious importance. Today and in the 15th century peoples’ lives are dictated by religion and religious seasons. Door to door caroling was i...

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