Essay on The Effect of Media and Video Game Violence on Society Today

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Video games have become a part of our culture in America as well as around the world. There are a large variety of video games to be played such as sports, non-violent, and violent games. The most dominant genre of video games that out-sells all others is the violent video game. It is hard to explain why they outsell all the other genres, but one reason may be because they allow users to turn their aggression into something simple which may result in less anger for that person. Video games have more recently started to be used as recruitment tools for branches of the United States Military with games such as “America’s Army.” One of the most popular video games of all time was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Despite being one of the most violent video games ever, it sold a record numbers.
Video games primarily focus on the main character as a male, while female characters are usually in the background. The government has had limited success in regulating content in video games as it is viewed as a form of censorship. Many people counter with the argument that violent crimes have actually reduced in the U.S. while video game sales have increased, which makes it have no connection. By raising kids in a society where a killing person on the TV is ok, it could cause some problems in the long run. When you shoot at someone in a video game, respond unharmed, but when you shoot at someone in real life, they are gone forever.
Because of the easy availability of video games to children, more children have become involved in violent crimes. Violent video games allow the use of violence while hiding realistic consequences (Funk 2). Even though violent video games may lead to violence in real life, video games can still serve as learning ...

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...or not, or if it is suitable for there kids.
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