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Education reform in the United States has recently come under scrutiny after many recent failed proposals. President George W. Bush implemented one of the most popular choices of education reform with his “No Child Left Behind” system. However, that policy reform in the past five years has faded to nothing more than a mistake. This mistake has haunted the education systems in America, but it is not the only reform proposal to shake up the school systems across the States. One new proposal that has caught the eye of some current state politicians is the idea of school choice. School choice is giving the option to parents to take their children to different schools, which is different from assigning children to schools based on the location of their houses. Does giving the parents of children an option to choose what school their child goes to create a spirit of competition? That is partly the goal with the school choice reform policy proposal along with many other facets that can completely revitalize the education system in the United States. The stipulations of this proposal involve a variety of suggestions to help strengthen the core of our education system.
One of the most important facets of the school choice system to understand is the involvement of religion in private schools. Approximately eighty-percent of private schools in the United States are religiously affiliated. The most popular type of private school, based on religion, is private schools that operate under the religion of Catholicism (CAPE, 2011). Though private schools are less popular than public schools in the United States it is important to understand all the factors that go into both the private and public schools.
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