Eating Disorder in Adolescence Essay

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Eating disorders are abnormal mind-sets towards foodstuffs, which affects one’s psychological, social, and physical aspects. It may involve overeating or deliberate and excessive reduction of one’s food portions for personal reasons. These unhealthy choices and behavior may have severe consequences. According to recent surveys conducted regarding this subject matter, teenagers form the largest portion of individuals with eating disorders. While some of these adolescents may adopt these abnormal eating habits due to extreme discomfort about their body shape or weight, others use food to comfort themselves in terms of harsh conditions in their social or academic lives. Various factors can result in this health complication. This is because certain aspects are influential in one’s decision to ingest certain foodstuffs. Such influential elements include peer pressure, family principles, cultural practices, availability of different foodstuffs, and cravings (Segal & Smith, 2013).
Due to the complication of these food-related disorders, it is essential for one to seek medical assistance in order to address the causes of the condition as well as the existing or potential consequences. Failure to treat this unusual addiction in a timely manner may result in various physical and psychological malfunctions. This includes mood swings, value of one’s physical and mental health, and death in extreme cases. Proper treatment includes interventions from qualified medical practitioners as well as close family members and friends. This is because eating disorders is a subconscious way of expressing one’s psychological confusion regarding various issues. In the United States, the number of teenagers and adults suffering from this health complicat...

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