Essay about Drugs Should Most Definitely Not be Legalized

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I, like the vast majority of people, disagree with proposition that drugs should be legalised. Accepting this act would be the same like taking money from people for killing them. We don‘t need legalisation, we need to fight against it, try to save people who are standing on the edge of a precipice, not to push them from it.
Of course, there are many people who would agree with this proposition, but most of them are drug users or spreaders. Supporters of this act say that legalised drugs would reduce criminality as drug addicts are forced to do crimes to get money for drugs. Also, they are using freedom of choice to convince that drugs should be legalised. But I think, that since a minute you first taste drugs , you do not belong to yourself anymore, you belong to drugs. So where is the freedom here?
There is a lot more arguments against legalisation of drugs. First of all , if drugs would be legalised , everyone could afford it, because it would cost less and nobody would arrest you. Thus easy availability of drugs would push more and more people into self destruction. Nowad...

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