The Drug Policy in Public Schools Essay

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Officer Terry McCarthy was working for the city of Tucson. He was a representative of City Court. He believed in prevention awareness and an advocate of the education program. He went to many public schools in Tucson. As an advocate, he gave many lectures regarding the variety of drugs and how drugs would impact high school students’ lives and their future. His presentation approach was clearly informative and intensity. The relating subject in the classroom emphasized on substance abuses that would dispute the choices with judgment comes from an student. McCarthy mentioned how drugs would be dangerous, how they made, and why they would lead many high school students into risky paths. On the other hand, the non-relating subject was drug-policies created in public schools and how they applied and discipline high school students with the prevention methods. Hence, the prevention methods came from drug-policies in the public schools changed students’ live whether they went ahead to use drugs or remain sober.
The Tucson districts required students give in to the drug tests when they were under suspect ion by teachers or supervisors. Teachers had their rights to suspect and make a drug incident with notification. McCarthy mentioned that students would have their eyes checked in the front security of public schools. The new method of drug detesting users: the pupil scale. The pupil scale detested the range from white to red. They would have their eyes check before enroll in their schools through the security processing first. The Drug Youth Trend slide pointed out,” the highest users used marijuana in the recent years. The group of males used it more than women. The highest group of under 25 years old used marijuana. However,...

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...ot students in the worst paths. In the present, Supreme Court faced the new case of drug policy implementation with new guidelines in public schools. Many factors in public schools wanted to change the tolerance zero that would help high school students stay sober and develop their responsibility skills.

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