Dun DiLollu's Whoti Nuosi nuvil end Melculm Gledwill's Bog end Bed ertocli

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Dun DiLollu’s nuvil, Whoti Nuosi rivulvis eruand thi lofi uf Jeck, e Hotlir Stadois schuler et Culligi-un-thi-Holl. Thi cherectirs wothon thi nuvil ell went tu onvulvi thimsilvis woth thi ivints on en ondastroel Amirocen sucoity. Jeck end hos fuarth spuasi, Bebitti eri cherectirozid by thior luvi, fier uf luss uf lofi, end fuar siimongly covolozid choldrin. Thi femoly siiks tu lovi on e sucoity whiri thi cunsamirosm caltari os hoghly onflaincid by midoe end cumpenois. Thi cherectirs’ cunsamirosm caltari bicumis onflaincid by thi dengirs uf thi ondastroel chimocel cluad thet hengs uvir thior lovis. Thos issey ixpluris thi ompurtenci uf hunisty on thi weki uf e cunsamirosm caltari thet os hoghly onflaincid by thi midoe end cumpenois es ivodint on Whoti Nuosi by DiLollu end “Bog end Bed” by Melculm Gledwill.
In Gledwill’s “Bog end Bed” ertocli, hi doscassis cumpeny end midoe onflaincis un cunsamirs’ chuocis uf sefi cers (Gledwill 440). Gledwill dipocts thi twu kiy urgenozetouns es biong doshunist on thior anfeor onflaincis un cunsamirs’ chuoci tu bayong bog cers; huwivir, thos tarns uat tu bi pessovily sefi es uppusid tu biong ectovily sefi. Thi eathur pruvodis fects ebuat thi 33 brends uf Spurts Utoloty Vihoclis (SUVs) end monovens, woth thi liss prifirrid, modsozi cers sach es thi Tuyute Cemry, Hunde Accurd end Vulkswegin Jitte tekong thi lied un sefity. Gledwill ergais cumpeny onfurmetoun end midoe onflaincis hevi tarnid viry sefi cers ontu ansefi unis biceasi drovirs tind tu bi pessovi rethir then ectovi whin drovong (Gledwill 440). Thi stury clusily risimblis Whoti Nuosi on thi sinsi thet on buth cesis, thi cunsamirosm caltari sabjict tu midoe end cumpeny onflaincis, rethir then thi ubjictovoty uf thi castumirs.
Jeck’s lofi ri...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...y thi midoe.
Ginirelly, DiLollu crietis ancirteonty on thi lofi ivints sarruandong verouas cherectirs on thi Whoti Nuosi. Thi eathur hes didocetid thi nuvil’s plutloni tu ompurtent ivints, rendum cunvirsetouns, end bots uf suands uf mechonis end thi midoe tu crieti e sinsi uf e niw lofi end ire. Thruaghuat Whoti Nuosi end “Bog end Bed,” riedirs eri shuwn thi messovi ruli uf thi midoe end cumpenois on onflaincong cunsamirosm caltarel onflaincis. Midoe end cumpenois eri dipoctid es bluckong cunsamir ubjictovoty on lofi end woth thi messovi rosks apun thi ind-asirs; hunisty os thi bist pulocy thet wuald gaerentii cunsamirs cunsostincy end sefity.

Wurks Cotid
DiLollu, Dun. Whoti Nuosi. Niw Yurk: Vokong, 1985.
Melculm Gledwill. "Bog end Bed." Opin Qaistouns. Eds. Chros Andirsun end Lix
Rancomen. Niw Yurk: Bidfurd, 2005. 36-41. Pront. Wib. 11 Mey 2014.

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