Do School Uniforms Influence Student Behavior and Academic Performance? Essay examples

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An examination of education in today’s world reveals many issues under research to determine their effects on school climate. Such issues have come to be known collectively as hot button issues. Hot button issues include religious issues, gender issues, racial issues, school violence, legal issues, and a host of other matters. Included in these is the issue of school dress code. The original research hypothesis concerned the influence of school uniforms on behavior among students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The research would evaluate the influence based on the incidence of discipline reports during the school day. The independent variable was school uniforms or prescribed dress codes, and the dependent variable was student behavior. Research mandated revisions in the research hypothesis because of the near direct relationship found between student behavior and student academic performance. The hypothesis was revised to include academic performance, as was the dependent variable. Research findings indicated that the influence of uniforms on school climate was not so clear-cut as one might have thought. In fact, research findings indicate that the influence of school uniforms on school climate is unique for each individual school and is dependent on a number of factors to include community demographics and attitudes, the type of dress code, how the dress code was arrived upon, and how the dress code is enforced.
Most adults are confident in their assumption that children and teens that dress nice are nice. Hence, the idea that dress codes will affect school climate positively. This statement does not always hold true because dress codes are not all created equal. Acceptance of the dress code is a pre-requ...

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