Déjà vu in Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad and the film Apocalypse Now directed by Francis Ford Coppola

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Déjà vu, a French term that means, “Already seen” is a common societal phenomenon. Many people have described it as having an experience that they have done previously without actually doing the event prior. Déjà vu is a complex phenomenon that is highly debated among the scientific community because of its complexity and evidence to support theories. Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad and the film Apocalypse Now directed by Francis Ford Coppola’s have a similar feeling to Déjà vu. Though the two works have a similar story line they have different characters, timelines, and locations. Even with their differences which set them apart from each other, the two works almost one in the same. There are many similarities which make them seem like they are the same work and makes it easy to compare and contrast events that take place in both works. Conrad and Coppola’s works create a Déjà vu experience by creating a similar atmosphere of events. An event that would make both of the works unique and prevent Apocalypse Now from being called Heart of Darkness would be the death of Kurtz in both works.
Kurtz in both works is surprising very similar; in Apocalypse Now Walt Kurtz is a Colonel in the United States Army. Kurtz is a highly recognized and admired military officer, "Walt Kurtz was one of the most outstanding officers this country has ever produced. He was a brilliant and outstanding in every way…” and has a very successful career in the army (Coppola 1979). The Kurtz in Heart of Darkness is a successful business man, politician, and explorer. This Kurtz wears the mask of many faces but all the characters that mention Kurtz treat him like a god. It’s these traits that cultivate curiosity within Marlow and Captain Willard. Ma...

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...ling him with a crude machete style weapon simultaneously the montage of the cow being sacrificed continue. As Kurtz is being killed the montage shows the cow being killed by having its head methodically cut off.
The death of Kurtz is the biggest contrast of Apocalypse Now and Heart of Darkness. The death of Kurtz in Heart of Darkness is simple and no emotion is given by Marlow as he continued with his dinner. Marlow gave the reader the feeling as if this death was nothing of importance to the plot of the story. Compared to Coppola’s film where Willard fights a bloody battle and kills Kurtz with his machete while outside the ritualistic sacrifice of a cow is taking place creating a high intensity atmosphere. The book and the film have a similar moral which is that when left alone with the power to answer to no one, madness with soon develop and eventually corrupt.

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