Distance Learning versus Traditional Learning Essay

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Distance learning, sometimes called e-learning, is a formalized teaching and learning system specifically designed to be carried out remotely by using electronic communication. People could find out distance learning on the internet or searching form the school, sometimes teachers would introduce the best or the most credibility distance learning web. Such as and University of Phoenix, etc. Distance learning is less expensive and is not constrained by geographic considerations; it offers opportunities in situations where traditional education has difficulty operating. Students with scheduling or distance problems can benefit, as can employees, because distance education can be more flexible in terms of time and can be delivered virtually anywhere. Under the unified leadership of the distance learning education, the modern distance learning education work gradual increase the number of school has now reached a certain scale. However, not every school or any distance learning education has clear idea for the modern education. Many people have differences understandings and it formed a big deviation. It can be said, for the purpose of developing the distance learning education and the hopes has not formed a consensus, which leads to very often difficult to form in the actual work force.
Higher education, a pilot school education is now the main body of modern Distance Education, carried out from college, undergraduate to graduate students at different levels of education. Adult and vocational educations are to the form of distance education to carry out a certain advantage, because the time of modern distance education is the characteristics of flexibility for non-full-time adult students. However, efforts in th...

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...tance education entirely beyond the possible profits, not economic returns in the short term, and we can not expect non-profit educational institution as an independent public schools bear the long-term market cultivation. The problems there are many ways, one of which is and businesses, the market pressures passed on to the market-operated business that, of course, also be part of the transfer of interests. In fact, many experimental colleges have explored a variety of ways to solve the funding problem. In addition to the central government of satellite television networks, telecommunications networks and computer network hardware and some experimental resource construction investment, the consortium also includes donations from the company attract investment, the telecommunications sector offers, the local government investment, schools and other teaching points.

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