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People have been brewing and consuming beer and ale for centuries although no one is exactly sure, when beer was discovered. Since its origin, the brewing process has been refined into a modern science. Beer consists of four essential ingredients which categorizing a beverage as beer. The four ingredients are water, malt, yeast and hops. The brewing process may vary between breweries for different flavors, colors and levels of alcohol but the reactions of the general process remain the same. The first procedure is to form a base for the beer, which is simple add water at desired temperature. Malting is the next stage in this series, it occurs when the desired grains are added to the base, the grain must remain in the water long enough to begin germination or sprouting of the grain. There are several different types of grain that are used such as wheat, rye, and oats, which are used in different flavors of beer. This produces starches, which begin to break down to sugar through the release of their enzymes. The grain is then heated, which stops the process of growth and prevents flowering. After the liquid has been malted, yeast is added to the base. Yeast is added to dissolve the malt sugar and it expels carbon dioxide. This occurs because yeast is a live culture. The last element key to the process is adding hops. A hop is a plant used to bitter the beverage, which gives it that “beer flavor.” This process can take up to seven days to properly ferment or longer. For ale brewing beer must be keep in warmer condition for a shorter period and for lager, it remains in colder conditions for a couple of weeks. If each batch is not brewed to a uniform standard then all the way to the time of consumption it can mildly or greatl...

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...can. Each is made out of the same ingredients, and the experiment was controlled as it possibly could have been within the consumers reach. Furthering the control measure the liquid beer had identical storage components made of solid aluminum. Perhaps the tap system in which the draught beer was dispensed was a deciding factor considering it is one of the final stages before the beer reaches the consumer. Another possible factor may have been the beer poured in a frozen mug. It may or may not have been a variable during the process. According to the data collected during this controlled experiment, the null hypothesis was not supported. There were too many inconclusive variables like the above mentioned and not to exclude human inconsistencies in the testers. Although a fun and very different exercise, my finding and research could not support the hypothesis.

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