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Diagnosing mental disorders has been most challenging for psychiatrists and psychologists for many years. WHO and the American psychiatric association played a pivotal role in tackling this challenge by developing the diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders (DSM). Since its publication in 1953 by the American psychiatric association, DSM has undergone a considerable changes the
DSM IV which is the latest version of the classification system has three major components: the diagnostic classification, the diagnostic criteria sets and the descriptive text. In addition to the list of mental disorders, each mental disorder includes a set of diagnostic criteria consisting symptoms that should not be present for a particular diagnosis. The DSM IV also has descriptive text presented under the titles; diagnostic features, subtypes and /or specifiers, recording procedures, associated features and disorders, specific culture, age and gender features, prevalence, course, familial pattern, and deferential diagnosis. (DSM IV TR,2000).
Kendall and Hammen (1998) state that other factor in a person’s life affect mental health as a result; DSM IV uses a multi-axial approach. The five dimensions used in DSM IV are As I: clinical symptoms, Axis II: Developmental and personality disorders, Axis III: physical conditions, Axis IV: severity of psychosocial stressors, Axis V, highest level of functioning (global Assessment of Relational Functioning scales (DSM IV TR, 2000).
The current features of DSM IV are the resulted from the revisions previous DSM classification systems. As the latest version of the DSM classification system, DSM IV has included many important improvement and new features that this paper considers as strengths. The...

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...ican Psychological Association Boston Vol. 21, No. 3, 256–271

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