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The futures of this nation’s children are at risk. Most would assume it is the wars or the economy affecting their future, but it is much closer to home. A country that stands for strength allows “19% of its adolescent population to be overweight” (Shannon). As the American population grows, so does its children. The overweight epidemic can be caused by many factors, but schools meals are a major contributor. Every day thousands of students consume school meals, unaware of the low nutritional value they hold. The United States government has done some work to protect and improve this problem by setting regulations with the U.S.DA, but it is not enough.
School nutritional standards need to be improved for the safety and wellbeing of our children. Over the years the school lunches have dropped their nutritional standards and our children are paying the price with their lives. The unhealthy food has made its way into the cafeteria and is now a main contributor to the rise in childhood obesity. Many schools serve these meals knowing the outcome. Even if the unhealthy food is unavailable in the cafeteria, it is available in the vending machine right outside the door. These poor standards are the main contributor to many of the over weight problems children are facing. The United States government needs to impose new laws and regulations to help stop this problem from growing even more. The National School Lunch Program needs to stop cutting budgets and spend the money to improve school meals because they do not meet nutritional standards; they are affecting childhood obesity and finally causing poorer academic performance.
Low nutritional food seems to have caused an addiction for our children, causing unwanted weight g...

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