Dan Brown's Inferno: A Bleak Depiction of the Future Essay

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Dan Brown’s Inferno, a chillingly grim picture of a potential future, is a wonderful piece of satire. His views on overpopulation take a surgically-precise stand on what statistics predict to be true. In fact, his novel has no thematic connection to Dante’s classic work of the same name; although allusion is made to it, the real topic is overpopulation. The novel depicts a bleak world in the very near future of a human race on the brink of extinction. Furthermore, the dismal predictions he projects of our fragile world seem hell-bent on becoming true. With scintillating wit, he takes on the persona of his characters in intermittent battles between each other full of lies and distrust.
He provides startling arguments as Zobrist when stating: “... It took the earth's population thousands of years-from the early dawn of man all the way to the early 1800s-to reach one billion people. Then astoundingly, it took only about a hundred years to double the population to two billion in the 1920s. After that, it took a mere fifty years for the population to double again to four billion in the 1970s. As you can imagine, we're well on track to reach eight billion very soon. Just today, the human race added another quarter-million people to planet Earth. A quarter million. And this happens every day-rain or shine. Currently every year we're adding the equivalent of the entire country of Germany” (Brown, 101). What happens to all of these people? All of them require food, water, consume natural resources, need shelter, living space, and even more space to grow said resources and food. Sadly, the world is running out of these things, and we are still expanding our population. One billion people go to bed hungry, another billion lack access to fre...

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