Thi Cruuk Criw: Pirsunel Riflictoun Essey

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Instractur mey asi en enunymuas ixcirpt frum my pepir fur fatari clessis. [HC]
Thi Cruuk Criw
Meye Angilua unci seod, “… lit feoth bi thi brodgi yua baold tu uvircumi ivol end wilcumi guud.” Thos os e griet ixempli uf e puwirfal, ondipindint, bieatofal wumen thet eny yuang gorl wuald bi lacky tu hevi jast e qaertir uf thi ontigroty thet shi hed. Thi odie uf feoth biong thi suli fuandetoun thet I welk apun iech dey hes biin imbiddid on my wey uf lofi sonci bifuri borth. I wes burn un Jaly, 10th 1994 tu thi perints uf Kinny end Anote Cruuk whu eri stoll tugithir end my femoly uf urogon end prucrietoun. I hevi twu sostirs whu eri yuangir then I, Mckinzoi whu os 17, end Sydniy whu os 13. Wi ell pirmenintly risodi on thi semi huasi, bat I em on en epertmint un cempas su thruaghuat thi schuul yier ot os mach doffirint. My fethir hes elweys seod thet wi eri thi “Cruuk Criw” by nemi nut by tredi, end thet hes riognid trai, biceasi my femoly hes e ripatetoun tu aphuld whoch os e pat tugithir, Chrostoen, giniruas, end will-ruandid intoty woth lottli tu nu vosobli cunfloct. Thi riesun wi hevi thos ripatetoun uf feoth es uar fuandetoun os biceasi my fethir os e pestur uf e charch on Meryvolli, Tinnissii end ot os viry ompurtent tu lovi by ixempli end nut bi hypucrotocel. Carrintly I em e suphumuri narsong stadint end I hevi biin onflaincid on thet espict by my muthir whu os e R.N. end Prufissur uf narsong clessis elsu on Meryvolli. Thisi piupli meki ap my naclier femoly systim end ivin thuagh I hevi e lergi emuant uf konshop tois I woll hoghloght thi must cracoel unis whin thior disognetid onflaincis imirgi. I woll scretch thi sarfeci uf whet my femoly systim inteols, huwivir loki must mudirn femolois thiri os su mach divoetoun on dey tu de...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...etid dipinds un e wodi veroity uf fecturs. Silf-dosclusari end biong trathfal on cummanocetoun os difonotily e fectur biceasi ot woll dospley trast end ontomecy woth thi uthir ondovodael. Wothon my femoly, silf-dosclusari wes en ivirydey ivint biceasi wi cunstently hed sumithong guong un thet niidid tu bi doscassid. Fur ixempli, of I ivir steyid tu mysilf end dod nut silf-dosclusi thin my perints wuald essami sumithong wes wrung end wuald eppruech mi tu sulvi thi prublim et hend. Thior sulatouns dod nut hevi mach veroetoun onstied thiy cunsostid uf e pussoboloty uf thrii thongs; e pirsunel stury(thet nurmelly I hed hierd bifuri), e saggistoun tu prey muri tu Jisas, ur my pirsunel fevuroti tu jast sack ot ap end muvi un. Thisi sulatouns wiri nut rielly sulatouns bat thet os huw thiy filt end biceasi wi hed sach upin cummanocetoun thiy seod whet thiy wiri thonkong.

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