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This work will discuss a critical analysis of two articles that will be used within my research proposal. As requested, I will look at two articles that will represent the following: both articles require two distinct research disciplines of qualitative and quantitative methods; also, articles must represent two paradigmatic assumptions; the articles chosen fall into quantitative & post-positivistic, and qualitative & constructivist methods and paradigms; each article will be analyzed to review the Methodology of Critical Analysis; Research Questions; Use of Theory or Other Frameworks; Definitions, Limitations & Significance; Methods and Procedures; Quality & Rigor; Researcher & Positionality. The analysis will provide combined analysis for both articles reviewed.
Methodology of Critical Analysis
The first peer reviewed journal article is called “Race Is Not Neutral: A National Investigation of African American and Latino Disproportionality in School Discipline” (Skiba, Horner, Chung, Karenga-Rausch, May, & Tobin, 2011). The article purpose speaks of disproportionality of minority students being disciplined more frequently and with harsher penalties. Also it was reported that a cultural mismatch leads to poor judgment of teachers towards minority students. Included in the investigation it was confirmed that records and statistical analysis reported that discipline was happening at disproportionate levels. This article falls into quantitative & post-positivistic research methods and paradigm.
The second peer review article is called “Integrating Cultural Competence and Core Values: An International Service-Learning Model (Hayward & Charrette, 2012). The article purpose speaks of describing an innovative educational mod...

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...onroy, S. A. (2003). A pathway for interpretive phenomenology. International
Journal of Qualitative Methods, 2(3). Article 4.
Hayward, L. M., & Charrette A. L. (2012). Integrating cultural competence and core
values: an international service-learning model. Journal of Physical Therapy
Education, 26(1), 78-89.
Mertens, D. A. (2010). Research and evaluation in education and psychology (3rd ed.).
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
Skiba, R. J., Horner, R. H., Chung, C. G., Karenga-Rausch, M., May, S. L., & Tobin, T.
(2011). Race is not neutral: A national investigation of African-American and
Latin disproportionality in school discipline. School Psychology Review, 40,
Smith, J. K. (1983). Quantitative versus qualitative research: An attempt to clarify the
issue. Educational Researcher, 12(3), 6-13.

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