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The day began like any the other but was going to have a bizarre
twist. My family and I were beginning to set the table for dinner
and all of a sudden the door bell rang. I stop in the middle of
putting the rolls on to the table and answered the door. I couldn't
believe who I saw at the steps, my good buddies, Godfrey
"Harold" Hardy, Wilhelm Weinberg, Thomas Malthus, Jean B.
Larmarck, Stephen "Jay" Gould, Charles Lyell, and good old
James Hutton. I invited them in from the cold and we began to
catch up on old times. I told them that we had a lot of food and
there was more than enough for everyone. They all joined my
family and I and they all sat down in the order they entered. My
dad, mom, little brother and I sat at the opposite ends of the
table since we weren't the guest of this gathering. Since I'm
telling the story, I guess I should give some info about the 6
guests. My first buddy, Godfrey "Harold" Hardy is a prominent
English professor, known for his achievements in number theory
and mathematical analysis. Non-mathematicians usually know
him for his essay, "A Mathematician's Apology" and the Hardy-
Weinberg principle, which helped him earn several honors in his
lifetime. Hardy's partner in crime, Wilmelm Weinberg, is a
German physician who helped Hardy formulate the Hardy-
Weinberg’s principle. Next, Thomas Malthus, a British Economist,
is the creator of the theory on the Principle of Population and
wrote an essay based on this theory. Next, Jean B. Larmarck, the
French botanist and invertebrate zoologist who formulated one of
the earliest theories of evolution. Stephen "Jay" Gould, an
American paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and historian
of science. He is also one of the most influential and widely read
writers of popular science of our generation. Last but not least,
my favorite buddy (don't tell the others), James Hutton is a great
Scottish geologist, noted for formulating uniformitarianism and
the Plutonist School. He is also considered by many (including
me), the father of modern geology . The dinner started off with a
bang and everybody was enjoying the delicious meal. The only
thing you could hear was "Pass the rolls", "Pass the chicken",
and "Pass the peas". But the room became silent and the dinner
went downhill from there. When Larmarck began a discussion
about Darwin and how he agreed with his theories of evolution

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and natural selection. But before he could finish his sentence,
Hutton cut Larmarck off and said that his theory of uniformitar-
ianism was the only possible explanation of how we came to
be. My mom went back into the kitchen and brought some more
hot rolls to the table. Soon the argument died down and I asked
Hardy, "How he and Weinberg formulated the Hardy-Weinberg
theory ? ". Hardy began the story of how he studied other
scientist's work and spent countless hours on the formula. He
also mentioned that Weinberg only spent a few measly hours
on the formula, which actually didn't help in the long run.
Weinberg got up in an anger rage and began to run towards
Hardy and throw a blow, which knocked Hardy to the floor.
My dad and brother broke up the senseless fight and helped
Hardy get situated (he got knocked out). Gould thought it would
be best to bring up another discussion and why not talk about
his theory, punctuated equilibrium. My mom know this would
probably cause another disagreement and said the dessert
was ready to be served. Gould felt rudely interrupted and
continued with his discussion. He stated that the appearance
of a new species occurred suddenly and without continuous slow
accretion of tiny variations. Old Jamesy felt that his theory
was begin undermined and that he should have a say so. But
before he could say a word, my mom brought out the prettiest
peach cobbler anyone has ever seen. The aroma itself cut
everyone thoughts to 5 simple words, "Can I have some,
please ? ". Everyone was served some of the peach
cobbler but as soon as all the guest were getting ready
to head out, the door bell rang for the second time that
night. You would never believe who was at the door ?
The influential and powerful, Oprah Winfrey, came with
a shocking announcement that she would place one of the
guest's book (when written) on the Oprah Book Club. If
you don't know by now, if you are placed on the Oprah
Book Club, your book is almost automatically deemed a
best-seller. But the only catch was that I would have to
choose the lucky writer. The only way I would be able to
choose in a fair manner, was to put 6 numbers in a hat and
let them chose. The one who got the highest number was
the winner. After everyone choose, Thomas Malthus was the
winner with the lucky number "6". Oprah gave Malthus here
assistant’s number, and told him to contact her on Friday. I
thought the others would be upset and jealous but they
were happy and wished Malthus the best. Everyone put on their
coats and walked to the door. They thanked my family and me
for being great host and hostess. They all hopped into their cars
and drove off into the night. My mom was trying to get Oprah's
cell phone number, so they could go out some day but she
wasn't as luck as Malthus that night and didn't get her number.
Oprah told us thank you and hoped we had a good night. My
brother and I cleared the table and that was the end of the
interesting dinner.

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