Creative Writing: Escape From Society

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There once was a bottle named Honey who lived in Bottle Town. He had a huge family consisting of ten siblings. Everyone in his family only cared for money but luckily he was the only one who decided to move away with nothing on his hands. His father and mother never looked up for their children so all of Honey’s brothers and sisters took care of themselves. The day Honey decided to leave he explained, “I’m sorry for leaving but I cannot live here anymore. I am planning on coming back but I need some time alone somewhere where no one knows me!” He cried from guiltiness.
Time passed and Honey had a moderate house, job and great love for his family. After time was consumed Honey motioned that the time had come for him to go back. Days later Honey received a call from his brother saying that he had decided to leave Bottle Town and for a period of time he was going to live with him. He explained to Honey that he had been threatened by some person who wanted the money he did not have available. His brother was extremely scared and didn’t know what else to do. A day after, Sammy, Honey’s brother, arrived at the door crying. They hugged and asked each other about their health. After a brief conversation Sammy said that he had not talked to anyone about the threat and that he wasn’t expecting anyone to find out since he knew that no one was going to believe him. Sammy said, “Honey, I am so sorry to have arrived

here to you and invading your space, but it was a harsh decision since my life was in danger. I’m sorry.”
Honey looked away trying to look brave but his eyes were filled with tears. “Sammy, you did reasonably right to come here. You were in danger! You should have come here since the very beginning. You did right in leaving Bottle Town and going somewhere else where no one knows you and no one can judge you.”
Sammy started crying and ran with despair. He was frightened; he didn’t know if someone had seen him flee the town during the night. He was paranoid and only thought he was being spied on by everyone as a fugitive. Honey felt horrible but he stayed by his brother’s side contemplating him. After some time Honey left the room declaring that he had to make a couple of calls.

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He called his dad in Bottle Town and retold what had happened to his brother but the father only replied saying that his son must have been drinking and him hallucinating. Honey hung up angrily and called his sister, Ann. After salutations from each Ann heard the news and broke out crying. She shouted, “Things around here have been terrible we can’t go outside without fearing that someone will get us by surprise and do something bad if we don’t give them the money they ask for. Everything’s out of control, I have been receiving unknown calls every fifteen minutes and I’m going to turn the phone off. I’m scared Honey!”
As hearing this Honey uttered, “Ann, don’t think about it too much. Just take your personal objects and catch a train to my house. You’ll be just fine just don’t tell anyone where you’re going. I’ll meet you at the station just don’t think about it way too much. It can save your life!” After hanging up Honey thought, “Tomorrow morning I will go to the police station and talk with a personal detective and see what he can possibly do.” He went to sleep and was later awoken by an incoming call around five in the morning. He

picked up the phone and a frightening voice blamed him of hiding people in his house. He was threatened and told to either let his guests pay or pay all the money by himself but this time he was responsible for half a million bottlebucks. Honey decided to sell all he had in order to pay all the money they wanted but it was way too much and he felt as though he wasn’t going to collect it all. He sold his car, his horse, and the other objects that were valuable in order to save others from dying. He saw that he didn’t have the precise amount and decided to flee. As he left he encountered a man who appeared out of the woods offering a place for people to hide. Honey decided to try every possibility.
Days passed and Honey slept, rested, and ate little; his days felt massively long. Honey heard that some criminals were arrested; he got out of the hidden place and decided to reappear at his house. He was notified that the threat had all been a joke from some old friends and family. Honey was frustrated and angry. He had never thought someone would do anything as cruel as that. He decided to get his horse back and flew to a deserted place so that no one would reach him ever again.

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