Creative Writing: Chewing Gum, Spiders and Pigeons

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If I were invited into ‘room 101’ I would nominate the following things: chewing gum, spiders and pigeons. All of these things get on my nerves and deserve to go into room 101.
The thing I dislike the most about chewing gum is where people leave it, on the bus, under tables and on the floor. It’s disgusting! Have you ever accidentally stepped on a piece of chewing gum just walking down the street? It gets stuck to your foot all day, you try and scrape it off, but it just isn’t budging. You then have to resort to using your fingers to pick off somebody else’s revolting ball of goo. People try and stick chewing gum where ever they can. What’s wrong with a bin? I was in class the other day and my knees touched the underside of the desk. I felt something squidgy touch knee (it was repulsive). Its not exactly hard to put something so small into a bin.
Also chewing gum isn’t biodegradable so if it gets left on the floor it stays on the floor. It makes the place look really untidy. There’s usually a bin near by but people just don’t bother. I guess they don’t mind walking around in a dump. But I do mind and I’m sure loads of other people do as well. So chewing gum should be the first thing to go into room 101.
My next ‘thing’ to put in room 101 is frightening, fury, fierce, foes which are eight legged freaks. When you go to have a bath and there’s one enormous hairy spider crawling around in your bath tub, it’s quite horrifying! You have to search you house for a slipper. Spiders some how sense your trying to squish them they’re really fast. What do you expect they’ve got eight legs? Another thing about spiders is there webs. In my garden I have a trampoline and the spiders love it, they’re on it all the time, I think the net is mostly spider web now. When I want to jump they come out from every direction and frighten me off. I think they do it on purpose. I can’t stand their webs. Have you ever walked through or brushed your hand through a spider web. It feels like your hand gets wrapped around in string and you try desperately to get it off but it clings to your skin like glue.

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Spiders don’t really have a purpose in life, they just get in the way.
P. I. G. E. O. N. S. pigeons. They’re smelly flea-ridden rodents of the sky that infuriate anyone and everyone they could ever come across. They don’t care where they deposit their waste (poo!) mainly on our cars, I’m sure they aim so we have to clean our cars more often. We could all do without it especially if it’s a really sticky one and takes forever to get off. They always seam to be around I went shopping in Barry the other week, they were all over the place every where you looked pigeon, pigeon, pigeon. The place was covered in bird poo. I had to be extra careful where I stepped. They’ve got so used to people now that when you go near them they don’t fly away anymore. I saw a man eating a pasty and a bit fell off it was like a wrestling match. They flew in scrambling for a tiny piece of pastry. I couldn’t believe it. They eat the most ghastly things which make them smell revolting. Also they carry the most hideous diseases one of them is called chiamdiosis which is similar to the flu. Nobody wants to catch the flu. So that’s my reasons for wanting to put pigeons, spiders and chewing gum into room 101.

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