The Correlation of Film and Television Essay

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Film and television have become a major medium for information distribution across the world. According to Berger (2008), “Images generally are visual, often are mediated—carried by the mass media—and are connected to information, values, beliefs, attitudes, and ideas people have” (Seeing Is Believing, p. 61). Although film and television are in themselves separate mediums, they correlate with each other and have many similarities
History of Film
The first device to record and watch film, called a kinetoscope, was created by William Dickson, an employee of Thomas Edison. The first time Dickson made his kinetoscope public was in March of 1891. These films were in fact bland and of poor quality and used processes that did not last long in the film industry. In 1906, George Smith created a process that added color to film. This process is called kinemacolor. There were many problems with the kinemacolor, which was discarded in 1932 when Technicolor was invented (
Throughout the years, film production has become an art. In the 40s, 50s, and 60s there was no way to digitally enhance film or create the special effects that we see in film today. Producers used simple techniques, such as scale, multiple exposure, time-lapse photography, and hand painted color schemes. In 1968, the induced illusion of 3-D filming was introduced through the use of front projection and static transparency (
Since the 1960’s, huge bounds have been made in the film industry. New techniques have been formed to create awesome aesthetic films that surpass the films of yesterday. The use of computer animation, graphics, and special effects has become...

... middle of paper ... tied together in some form throughout the years in order to keep producing great media.

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