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A Growing University: Community Gardens

Humanity, when striving to create a more perfect world, may have difficulties in
choosing a place to begin. However, in light of the direction much of humanity is quickly going,
it seems obvious where to look. All over the world, urban populations are rapidly growing.
Researchers predict that the time when 50% of the world’s population lives in cities is quickly
approaching (“News and Highlights” 1). As urban populations increase, hunger becomes a
growing concern. Thus, it is necessary to restructure the way food is produced in order to more
efficiently feed the world’s growing population. The answer lies in urban agriculture.
As a leading university in a growing city, serves as a primary example of urban
sustainability. Thus, it is important that Kansas City join other major cities in embracing the
practice of urban agriculture. In New York, Havana, and Tokyo, urban agriculture has been used
as an economic, educational, and environmental resource through a variety of methods. Some
serve solely as children’s educational centers, like the Collingwood Children’s Farm in
Melbourne, Australia. Others are resources for those interested in testing out ideas related to
sustainable agriculture, like The Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development in
Sarasota, Florida (“Urban Agriculture” 1) In related research on community gardens in poor
neighborhoods in New York City, results showed that “urban gardening is an effective tool for
crime reduction, maintenance of cultural diversity, community empowerment, and promotion of
civic participation.” (Saldivar 407) In light of this, I propose that university should have a
community garden on campus, to be used for food produc...

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