Classification of Characters Bill and Boyd Meet

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Billy and Boyd come in contact with many interesting characters through out their journeys. There are six characters that Billy and Boyd meet who seam to impact their lives the most. Those six characters can be broken up into two groups to describe how they impacted Billy and Boyd’s lives. The two groups are the characters that helped them along their journeys, and the characters that did not help them along their journeys.
The first character who impacted their lives and ultimately their journeys is the Indian. Billy and Boyd were down at the river when they met this character. The Indian did not like them from the beginning. The Indian did not like them knowing he was there, so he used them. The Indian got them to bring him food. Then he asked for coffee and other good. Billy and Boyd decided not to bring the items back to the Indian because they did not want anything to do with him. The only problem was the Indian knew where they lived. The Indian did not help Billy and Boyd in the journeys. The Indian ended killing their parents, burning part of their house, and slitting their dog’s neck, which made him mute.

Another character who did not help in Billy and Boyd’s journeys is the Mexican deputy. Billy and Boyd were trying to find their stolen horses that they had papers for. They knew that the deputy knew information about the horses. When they showed the deputy the horse’s papers, he told them to put them away, that the papers would not help them get the horses back. The other character(S) that did not help Billy and Boyd’s journeys is the two kidnapers. Along their journeys they run into a girl who is around Boyd’s age, she is traveling alone. They kind of scare her so she does not let them help her. They go on their way, down the rode they run into to guys. Billy and Boyd know that these guys are going to give her trouble. So they wait till sun down and they go back and find her. The kidnapers have in fact given her trouble. They have also raped her. Billy and Boyd decide that they are going to get her away from the kidnapers.

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They do not let her go very easily. Billy and Boyd have to fight to get her away. The kidnapers do not help their journey because they get Billy and Boyd off track and they also because of the kidnapers end up with the girl.

There are many characters that help Billy and Boyd along their journeys but three stick out. The Girl, while at the beginning of her relationship with Billy and Boyd, is annoying to Billy, in the end helps both of them. The girl helps Boyd mature. This is so because Boyd is young, but through her he learns compassion for the female gender. Boyd also learns about himself through her. The Girl helps Billy because she is willing to take care of him and Boyd. By making them food, and washing their clothes. The Mozo helps Billy and Boyd by caring for them in their time of need. While Boyd is sick from being shot, and Billy does not know what to do with him self. She gives them comfort and she gives Billy a home to stay in. For a wile they have a mother figure. She also tells them that they need to find a permanent home, and that no one should be living the way that they are. The Doctor also helps Billy and Boyd. He motley helps Boyd because he takes care of him after he gets shot. He also helps Billy though by giving him hope. Hope that Boyd might make it. The doctor does this just by treating him.

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