Essay about Choosing the Right School: Boarding School Versus Daily School

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Having a dilemma in choosing a right school? Parents are given a choice to choose between a boarding school or daily school for their children. Students can learn many important skills when studying in a boarding school. Parents should send their children to a boarding school as it is the best way for children to learn how to live independently, improve their academic performance and learn how to socialize.
Students from boarding school live without having much guidance from their parents. This encourages them to be independent. They have to be hardworking and patient as they have to do all the chores by themselves. There is no maid to wash their clothes or make a breakfast for them. They become matured when they learn how to make a decision logically without being influenced by their emotion. They are the ones who decide what food they are going to eat and which transport they are going to use. They also become concerned with their health. As they are burdened by many homework, they have to keep their mind fresh and body healthy . They learn how to take care their health by the...

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