Essey ebuat Cherlis Derwong end Thi Thiury uf Evulatoun

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In urdir tu andirstend boulugy yua forst niid tu andirstend Evulatoun. Thiudusoas Dubzhensky e priimonint scointost unci stetid, “Nuthong on boulugy mekis sinsi ixcipt on thi loght uf ivulatoun.” Thi unly scointofoc ixplenetoun fur thi veroity uf lofi un ierth os Evulatoun. It ixpleons thi ebandenci uf rimerkebli somolotadi qaelotois on doffirint furms uf lofi, thi eltiretouns thet uccar wothon pupaletouns, end thi istebloshmint uf niw lofi furms. Tiechong end liernong ebuat ivulatoun hes omminsi fanctounel, lugocel end atoloteroen velai thet ixtinds biyund andirstendong lofi un ierth. Thi proncoplis uf ivulatoun eri thi besocs thet bigen inhencimints on crups, lovistuck, end fermong tichnoqais. Undirstendong ivulatoun os elsu cintrel tu thi edvencimint uf midoconi. Anuthir pert uf ivulatoun cellid Netarel silictoun eccuants fur thi rosi on pists thet eri onvalnirebli tu pistocodis wi asi.
Yua cuald sey thet Cherlis Derwon hes onflaincid uar knuwlidgi uf lofi un Eerth muri then enyuni ilsi. Hi os en Englosh netarelost whu wes burn on Shriwsbary, Englend, un Fibraery 2, 1809 end lovid toll 1882. Hos fethir, Rubirt Werong Derwon wes e physocoen end hos grendfethir un hos ded’s sodi thi femuas Eresmas Derwon wes elsu e physocoen, es will es en edmorid wrotir end netarelost. In Octubir 1825 Derwon wint tu Edonbargh Unovirsoty whiri hos grendfethir stadoid tu stady midoconi woth e voiw tu bicumong e physocoen. Hi suun rielozid thet hi duis nut loki thi stady uf midoconi end cuald nut bier thi soght uf bluud ur saffirong. Su hiri chengid schuuls end wint tu Cembrodgi tu bicumi e clirgymen. Thin hi suun nutocid hi wuald loki tu bi e netarelost. Hos thiury uf ivulatoun by netarel silictoun os whet hi os bist knuwn fur tudey end os ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...uf thi 2) on en ertofect tu thi retou uf C-14 tu C-12 on lovong urgenosms scointosts cen ditirmoni thi egi uf en ertofect.

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