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This artifact will explore three challenges that three University educational leaders have encountered, and will analyze how their leaders responded to them. Organizational cultures, structures and systems that fail to evolve will be faced with many challenges that force changes upon everyone within the organization and the organization itself (Kouzes & Posner, 2007). Challenges that have been identified include: a) information technology and organizational executives responsibilities; b) knowing how collaborative efforts affect financial performance, and c) evolving into a more open organization where knowledge is shared, not hidden. Challenging the process within an organization does not require offensive attitudes and actions if challenge tactics are well thought out and clearly communicated to stakeholders beforehand. Along with identifying and analyzing the aforementioned challenges; a representation of a time in which the learner challenged the process, yet were met with resistance by leadership will conclude this discussion after a dialog about what the learner could have done differently, as well as suggestions about a different way that leadership could have addressed concerns are presented.
Information Technologies
Darrell was the corporate information officer at the University of South Dakota. He lead multiple management teams that maintained the corporate information systems and information databases; along with operations and security. The organizational challenge that Darrell had to overcome was the perceived idea by the organizational executives within the university that organizational solutions for information technology issues where the sole responsibility of the technology department. Several times he br...

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