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Throughout the history of American literature, there has been an ongoing debate whether or not to accept certain types of book. Many great works of literature were censored due to specific reasons regarding the highly sensible issues of the society. The topics of religion, class distinction, alienation, and race were not acceptable to be vividly portrayed by the authors of books. Even though most of those censored books nevertheless contained a truthful, firsthand account of events during that particular time period, because of their atypical topics, the books, including John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, and Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, were the subjects of dismissal.
Of Mice and Men is considered one of the most renowned masterpieces of John Steinbeck. This novella depicts a complicated yet powerful fraternity between George Milton and Lennie Small by unfolding a tragic consequence of their untouchable dream. As the story progresses, Steinbeck tries to convey his notions about the harsh realities of migrant laborers by disclosing his haunting themes of human nature. Thus, Of Mice and Men paints John Steinbeck’s view of a lonely and arduous world, reflecting the author’s biographical aspects and the historical events that occurred during his period.
The worker’s tired and lonely sojourns are displayed in this book. This piece is also an important historical account that describes the famous events happened during Steinbeck’s time period: the Dust Bowl and the Wall Street Crash. Furthermore, he discusses how his characters began to develop their American Dreams just as other people did in those time period. Throughout his novella, Steinbeck reflects several major turning points of his time period. By recording these events i...

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...crude portrayal of the society. In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, it is criticized for the characters depict the social distinctions among the races, and the novel uses a detailed image of violence to convey its themes. As for Of Mice and Men, it is refuted for its profanity. The most controversial theory comes from the denouement of the novel, where George decided to kill Lennie in order to lessen his further sufferings.
I believe that every author has a right to include the truthful account. Nobody can prevent the authors from publishing their arts just because their books portray and touch some of those sensible and forbidden topics of history. The banned books are the most authentic and honest pieces of art. We should find a place to stop being ridiculous and accept the art as it is. Therefore, the censorship of books is a violation of the human right.

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