Censoring the Youth's Freedom Essay

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Writing is the timeless expression of human thought and emotion. Our history, culture, and ideas are recorded for the further generations’ benefits and well-being. Books are the portals into these records of out history. Through books the lone human addresses what one-thousand cannot. However, in our society, people challenge the messages in books, by way of censorship, hostility, and banning books from the reach of the common human. These books addressing the values of human nature and actions quickly find themselves challenged by the very society that refuses to acknowledge their content. Under the pretense of protecting those easily influenced, and preserving innocence, books draw an unnecessary amount of fire. These censored, challenged, banned books stretch into our high schools. Students who need to read the content within the works of lauded authors are denied. Banning books in high school will detract from student learning because of the irreplaceable knowledge and experience held in each of them.
Historically, novels being persecuted are not a strange happening in human history. A group with an agenda will threaten a novel that undermines their own values and procedures. Book burnings are the most notable of all forms of destroying books. Hitler used it to control the movement of information and thought in Germany under his rule. Works of the Jewish were first to burn, then the works of other foreign authors, and even some of Germany’s own authors, including Noble Peace Prize winning author Thomas Mann. All for a political agenda of controlling the populace, and having students do the burning only added a sense of irony. The effects of the lost knowledge of the loss of these novels prompted a period of stagnation; stud...

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...tudents see the world through others eyes and ears, the will open their minds and learning capabilities to new heights. The High School is a place for finding an identity, and identities are not masked by worry and deceit, but understanding and maturity.

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